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Freeride Night Event

Hi we are the Freeride Nights Innsbruck Event series and Protect Our Winters Austria. For the 2020/21 ski season we partnered up to use our privilege of skiing to plant trees where it is needed most and alleviate extreme poverty for those for whom skiing is a world away.

With your help we want to plant 50.000 trees towards permanent reforestation by climbing 50.000 vertical meters under our own power in the pursuit of skiing.

Person skiing, doing treeruns

The riders alliance of Protect Our Winters Austria, especially professional freeriders Aline Bock, Lena Stoffel, Benjamin Kalra, Killian Echallier, Christian Pessl, Rosina Friedl and Valentin Werner-Tutschku will climb 1 vertical meter for every single tree planted. This is our way to take action and try to save our beloved winters for our future generations and help those in need.

This tree planting through our partner charity, Eden Reforestation Projects, employs local Malagasy people to plant the trees and helps alleviate extreme poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world in a time of great need. If we achieve our goal this will also create at least 500 fair wage employment days for previously impoverished people.

Please give your support to plant trees and save lives.

100% of all donations go direct to the reforestation charity Eden Reforestation Projects.

Select one of the donation options below:

$5 = 50 trees planted & half day of  fair wage employment created. 1 tree for every 1000 vertical metres climbed.

$10 = 100 trees planted & 1 fair wage employment day created. 1 tree for every 500 vertical metres climbed.

$50 = 500 trees planted & 5 fair wage employment days created. 1 tree for every 100 vertical metres climbed.

$500 = 5,000 trees planted & 50 fair wage employment days created. 1 tree for every 10 vertical metres climbed.

$5000 = 50,000 trees planted & 500 fair wage employment days created. 1 tree for every 1 vertical metre climbed.

or whatever you want to give!