Launching a New Project Nation

A photo of Ethiopia, Brazil, and the Philippines

With your support of Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden), communities are being lifted out of extreme poverty, and ecosystems are being restored in eight project nations around the world. Eden is excited about the work being done, but it is far from over. More than 15 billion trees are cut down every year, resulting in land degradation and further impacting those living in extreme poverty as often their only way to survive is through natural resources.

Because of generous donors like you, we can continue growing reforestation and extreme poverty alleviation efforts into new regions. Eden is excited to announce the launch of new projects in Ethiopia, Brazil, and the Philippines!

6 Factors Considered When Launching a New Project

A photo of a group of people holding tree seedlings

When exploring a potential project nation, there are many factors taken into consideration to ensure a successful and sustainable launch. A few of the factors we examine are:

  • The Need: Evaluating the overall community need for reforestation from both a poverty alleviation standpoint as well as an environmental restoration view.
  • Community Buy-In: Ensuring the support and involvement of the local community to establish a holistic restoration approach. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Considering whether the potential project nation will be cost beneficial for both the community members and donors alike.
  • Local Leaders: Establishing a trustworthy local leadership team involves community members to restore their environment and community.
  • Infrastructure: Setting up basic infrastructure such as nurseries, guardhouses, office space, and reliable transportation to planting sites are just a few examples.
  • Communication: Ensuring a quality internet connection to track planting and communicate with teams in the field.

Eden is excited to bring you along in the process of expanding projects in Ethiopia, Brazil, and the Philippines. To learn more about what it takes to launch a new project nation, watch our video to hear from Sehr, Eden’s Director of International Operations.