Mary’s Story: How One Woman is Empowering Communities in Kenya

Mary showing colleagues monitoring equipment  Mary holding a drone used for monitoring and verification

When you support Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden), you come alongside women like Mary who are passionate leaders committed to empowering those around them.

Mary is the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager for Eden Kenya. Before joining Eden, Mary worked at a non-profit for more than 20 years that helps improve health conditions in underserved communities, addressing issues like malaria, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and other health-related problems that often affect vulnerable communities the most.

Her passion for helping those in need and talent for tackling complex issues with sustainable solutions made her a natural fit for Eden!

As the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Mary travels to various project sites in Kenya to track, record, and communicate planting conditions and progress. On top of this, she monitors the socioeconomic impact of Eden’s reforestation efforts. Through your support of Eden’s Employ to Plant methodology, Mary and the Kenya team are creating job opportunities providing a consistent income, and empowering local communities.

Although Mary’s role primarily involves monitoring and evaluation, her desire to help those around her is at the heart of everything she does. She loves being part of a team that empowers people and provides long-term solutions to deforestation and extreme poverty. Within her team, her goal is to help her colleagues excel by championing their achievements and actively supporting them.

Mary seeks to create spaces where everyone can thrive and be themselves, but she’s not the only one doing this. Because of your generosity, there are women across eight project nations who are planting trees, managing nurseries, monitoring growth, and leading teams!

When women are empowered, entire communities are empowered.

Join Mary and thousands of women around the world by donating today to help empower communities in Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Haiti, Central America, Indonesia, and Nepal.