Beyond Planting: Josy’s Story

Josy smiling and standing next to a tree

Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) is one of the most prolific reforestation organizations on the planet, with a dual commitment to plant trees and save lives. Through your support, Eden provides a fair wage to people living in extreme poverty, transforming their lives and giving people like Josy a second chance at life.

Josy first joined Eden as a manager in 2007. When he started, he was suffering from Schistosomiasis, a disease caused by parasitic worms in freshwater sources. Josy needed a kidney transplant but couldn’t afford the surgery. Without this transplant, doctors told him he would not survive.

When Eden shared Josy’s story, multiple people reached out and donated to help pay for his dialysis and surgery. Because of these generous donors and their kindness, Josy began receiving treatment, and testing showed his brother was a perfect match for the transplant. Unfortunately, medical facilities in Madagascar could not perform the surgery he needed. Josy, along with his brother, had to fly to India for the transplant.

After months of waiting in India for the surgery, things took a turn for the worse. Josy discovered the person who was helping him with the kidney transplant was connected to a human trafficking ring that was harvesting organs. Through a network of people, Josy and his family were quickly rescued and relocated to safety.

Not long after, Josy finally received the transplant that saved his life. Within weeks, the kidney was functioning perfectly, and he and his family were able to return home.

Today, Josy is healthy and has progressed significantly in his role with Eden. He serves as the National Director of Eden Madagascar, where he manages more than 72 project sites and oversees more than 3,500 employees.

Josy experienced firsthand Eden’s commitment to save lives, and now he gets to carry out this same commitment by providing life-saving employment to thousands of people in his home country.

Stories like Josy’s wouldn’t be possible without you. Because of your support, Eden is able to help thousands of people throughout eight project nations and continue in our commitment to plant trees and save lives.

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