Support Thousands of People Living in Extreme Poverty

Various Eden Employees complete different job tasks such as guarding, planting, and weighting seeds.

Eden Reforestation Projects’ international teams require a variety of positions to produce, plant, and protect millions of native trees every month. When you donate to Eden Reforestation Projects, you help employ thousands of people living in extreme poverty in each of these positions outlined below.

  • National Director: Supervises and manages the reforestation program for the entire country
  • Director- Mangroves: Supervises and manages of the mangrove program within the given country
  • Director- Dry Deciduous: Supervises and manages of the dry deciduous program within the given country
  • Zone Manager (Chef de Site): Manages the overall planting zone which includes several planting sites
  • Assistant Zone Manager: Helps the Zone Manager in completing projects and tasks
  • Site Manager: Oversees the planters and forest guards within a specific designated site
  • Nursery Manager: Manages nursery construction and operations and oversees nursery technicians
  • Nursery Technician: In charge of day-to-day operations at the nursery such as watering, weeding, and tending seedlings
  • Forest Guard: Looks after reforestation site(s) and protects it against threats such as fires and poachers
  • Planter: Works on a team to plant trees at the reforestation site utilizing all planting methods such as mangrove propagules, seedlings, seed balls, and bare root transfers
  • Lead, Monitoring Team: In charge of all monitoring activities and is the direct contact between the in-country monitoring team and US-based International Operations staff
  • Lead, Forest Inventory: Leads a team to estimate tree survival rates and growth using forest sampling
  • Lead, Socioeconomic Surveys: Leads a team to conduct household surveys in villages affected by our reforestation work to better understand the livelihood impact of our projects
  • Lead Photographer: Travels to sites to take marketing photos and carry out other specialized photography assignments
  • Photographer: Take monitoring and marketing pictures under the direction of the Lead Photographer
  • Drone Pilots: Regular fly drones to photograph and map reforestation sites
  • Interns: Recent graduates from a local university hired to assist in several different departments
  • Pioneers: In charge of field reconnaissance and mapping out new planting sites
  • Trackers: Collects statistics on the number of trees planted and organizes site reports
  • Boat Captains: Oversees boat operations for teams that need to travel across water to plant trees at a reforestation site
  • Counters- Contractors: Hired to sort, count, and prepare mangrove propagules used by the planting teams
  • Accountant: Conducts financial and accounting tasks for the reforestation program in the given country
  • Store and Office Security: Protects the site store and office equipment
  • Logistic Officer: Coordinates all site and office logistics (equipment, farm Inputs, seed collection)
  • Agroforestry Field Tech: Field Technicians that conduct training, maintain demonstration plots, and provides technical support to local farmers/producers in their designated community
  • Field Officer: Visits the farm locations to verify the planting progress and helps the farmers with planting and nurturing the trees
  • HR Assistant: Assist in hiring, recruiting, and evaluating employees

To help support thousands of people living in extreme poverty restore forests throughout the world, please visit our Donate page. Thank you for all of your support!