Transforming Lives

Four female employees from Mozambique laughing

When you support Eden Reforestation Projects, you not only help plant trees, you transform lives!

Eden’s Employ to Plant methodology begins with hiring the poorest of the poor to serve as agents of forest restoration in Madagascar, Nepal, Mozambique, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Honduras. As of July 2020, Eden has approximately 25,000 full and partial season employees who are hired to produce, plant, and protect millions of native trees every month. Through Eden’s Employ to Plant methodology, employees’ lives are transformed in the various ways that are outlined below.

  • Eden’s employees are now able to provide for their basic daily family needs. Their family members are well fed, clothed, and sheltered.
  • Hundreds of Eden’s employees have been able to use their newly found income to pay off crippling and oppressive debt.
  • A significant percentage of Eden’s employees have been able to save and invest in farmland and/or some other form of real estate.
  • Parents can afford to send their children to school. 
  • Employees can save and invest in the formation of micro-enterprises. 
  • Farming and fishery productivity go up.
  • Women’s empowerment begins to take hold.
  • Productive cooperatives are formed.
  • Sustainable forest products start to proliferate.

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