Joseph Parfait’s Story

When you support Eden Reforestation Projects, you not only plant trees, you help transform lives for people, like Joseph Parfait.

Joseph is a guard in Papamena, Madagascar. Before working with Eden Reforestation Projects, Joseph worked solely in the rice fields. His work in the rice fields was insufficient for supporting his family and their daily necessities. To increase his productivity within the rice fields, he needed oxen. However, the oxen were far out of reach when he could not even afford food or cooking utensils.

With the consistent income Joseph earns through being a guard with Eden, he can afford basic necessities to take care of his family. He was also able to purchased oxen. Joseph’s goal is to work hard to continue to provide for his family so they can be proud of him and the work he does within the world.

As a guard with Eden, Joseph is responsible for protecting the forest. He prevents the reforested area from being destroyed by patrolling the area for fires, smoke, and poachers. He also prevents fires within Papamena by cleaning the surrounding areas from brush and trash.

One of Joseph’s favorite responsibilities is helping the workers at the nursery with planting seeds and watering seedlings. Joseph said that without the work within the nursery, there would be no forests. Without a forest, there would be nothing for him to guard. He values the work of his team and the opportunity to guard the trees his team has planted.

You can help employees, like Joseph Parfait, create a better life for themselves and their families by donating to plant trees in Madagascar and other deforested nations.