Update from Our Founder/CEO

At Eden Reforestation Projects we acknowledge how serious the Covid-19 pandemic has become, but we are finding proactive ways to care for our employees and achieve our mission. So, here’s our Week 1 Update:

First, Eden’s village employees are family to us. We know you care deeply for them as well. The really good news is, at this point in time, our team members are all safe and healthy.

Second, we began early on to actively train our team members in social distancing, hygiene standards, and adherence to government travel regulations.

Third, Eden’s leadership team has well over a decade of experience dealing with disruptive situations including riots, earthquakes and floods to name a few. Oddly, dealing with crisis situations is fairly normal for us.

Finally, due to the remote nature of our restoration sites, the planting teams continue to plant, and protect millions of new trees every month.

We will continue to pivot as needed, and provide regular updates to you in the days to come.

Stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Stephen Fitch