Meet Japo, A Second Generation Eden Employee

June 2018

Japo was a little boy when Jamie Shattenberg (International Director for Madagascar) and his wife Alissa first started going to Mahabana in 1999 – 2003.  Japo’s father, Boto, and mother, Maman’i Rasendra, had really struggled to survive.  Both tried fishing, but it did not provide enough to support the family–so Boto turned to cutting down Mangrove trees.  Boto worked so hard but only made pennies off of the trees he cut down.  At that time, Japo wanted to go to school, but his parents could hardly feed the family, let alone cover school fees.

In 2007, Boto and Josy (National Director of Eden Madagascar), planted the first mangrove propagules for Eden Reforestation Projects. As crazy as the idea seemed at the time, both of Japo’s parents became a part of the original eight employees who worked for Eden planting 100,000 mangroves that first year in 2007. The new employees quickly realized that they could better provide for their families by planting trees, rather than cutting them down.

Since then, life has changed for this family in many ways. Japo was able to go to school and has since graduated high school. He is currently in University doing Environmental Studies.  He would love to continue in his mother and father’s footsteps working with Eden Projects.  The impact on people’s lives multiplies exponentially as the years go by, just as it has for Japo and his family.

You can help employees create a better life for generations to come by donating to plant trees in Madagascar and other deforested nations.