4 Reasons Why Employing Women Changes Lives


June 2018

Hiring the most poverty stricken villagers in each of our project nations has always been one of our main focuses when it comes to restoring the earth’s natural environment. Eden’s Employ-to-Plant methodology not only provides for efficient tree planting, but also empowers those who need it the most.

This methodology means we have to make tough decisions on a regular basis when it comes time to add new international staff within our project nations.  Although we hire both men and women, we typically hire a larger percentage of women at our nursery and reforestation sites. This can be a bit controversial for some, but there are some key reasons as to why we do what we do.

Reason #1: Overcoming Social Injustice

In virtually every culture, women face far more economic and educational barriers when compared to men. Eden employs women because we are committed to correcting social injustice. While we still hire hundreds of men to join in on the planting of millions of trees – we make sure women are never pushed to the side.

Reason #2: Fulfilling Our Priority of Alleviating Extreme Poverty

Eden employs the poorest of the poor. Sadly, the most destitute of the poorest of the poor are most often single moms who struggle to get back on their feet. When we hire single moms we break the most obvious link in the chain of extreme poverty.

Reason #3: Employed Mothers Prioritize Their Children’s Education

In most impoverished nations there is no such thing as completely free education for children. The sad reality is millions of children (mostly young girls), are denied an education because of the lack of approximately $100 per year for school tuition and supplies.  Fortunately, we can overcome this problem by hiring mothers to plant trees. Studies show and our experience matches up: if given a chance, a mom with a job will scrimp and save to make sure that her children are able to go to school–breaking the cycle of poverty often begins with education.

Reason #4: Employing Mothers Decreases Child Labor

When a child can afford to go to school, it also creates freedom from child labor. No longer needing to stay back to help make ends meet, girls and boys alike can have the opportunity to spend their days learning instead of earning. Our employment of women has impacted thousands of children across our project nations.

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