David Sawek’s Story

May 2018

Eden Reforestation Projects has been making great strides in Indonesia since September 2017 when it was officially established as an Eden project nation.

Due to the 1996 earthquake and tsunami, many of Biak’s beaches and riverbeds have been destroyed.

Before Eden began work in Indonesia, a small group of local teachers had been taking reforestation into their own hands in their community on Biak Island. Since 2008, these men have been planting mangroves in their spare time around the island.

David Sawek is one of the local teachers that have now joined Eden’s team in reforesting Biak Island, having already planted over 250,000 trees in less than a year.

Eden’s mission and vision has always been to recreate healthy forest systems and alleviate suffering in local impoverished communities. Although only working with Eden for nine months, David has already experienced the life-changing outcomes of Eden’s Employ-to-Plant methodology.


A Life-Or-Death Situation

In December 2017, David Sawek and his wife struggled through the night at a local clinic in Biak waiting for the birth of their second child. Due to complications, the midwife informed David that his wife needed an emergency C-section or it might cost the life of his wife and their unborn child.

Without thinking twice, David called for a rental car that could transport them to the public hospital in the city where his wife could safely give birth. David used his entire savings to pay for the hospital bill and the rental car to and from the hospital, but David was thankful that he had savings in the first place. He said that if it were not for his employment with Eden Reforestation Projects, his job as a teacher would not have provided enough money for emergencies savings—he realized that without having that money he may have lost his wife and his child.

David Sawek thanks all of Eden’s supporters for making it possible for him to afford making quick decisions in life-threatening emergencies.


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