Visiting Kalamboro and Mahabana


September 2017

Eden Reforestation Projects has been preparing to start its newest project in Haiti—restoring mangrove forests. In preparation, Eden sent Haiti Director, Craig Erickson, and International Coordinator, Sehr Ali, to Madagascar where planting mangroves has been a great success. On the trip, Craig learned how to start and manage mangrove planting sites.

While in Madagascar, Craig and Sehr visited many of the project sites, including the dry deciduous nurseries. But it was in Kalamboro and Mahabana where they experienced the mangrove magic.

“What an incredible experience! Both sites are so different and unique in their own ways! We went out to the sites and learned about the different mangrove species and propagules. We also saw sites that were 10 years old and some that were just a month old.” – Sehr Ali

Josy Armand (right), National Director of Madagascar, teaches about the different mangrove species planted by Eden.


Eden’s village employees collect propagules from mature mangroves to prepare for planting at new restoration sites.


Eden employees sort mangrove propagules by species.


When planting mangroves, Eden’s leaders take into account all natural circumstances that may prevent the growth of the new trees. These crabs in Mahabana have become a big issue because they like to eat the newly planted propagules. Without preventing nature from running its course, employees plant with higher density to make up for the loss of those that will be eaten by the crabs.

Look forward to next week’s post with stories from the Madagascar trip!

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