Flood Relief in Nepal


September 2017

Last month, Nepal was hit by torrential rains that lead to devastating floods throughout the southern regions of the country. Some report it to be the worst flooding in decades. The floods and landslides affected thirty-three districts, more than 158 people have lost their lives, 43,000 families were forced to leave their homes, and 158,000 houses were partially damaged.

On August 14th, 2017, Eden Reforestation Projects learned that its field staff and project sites had been affected as well. Although many of Eden’s workers’ homes were damaged by the floods, fortunately there was no loss of lives in the areas that Eden supports.

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On August 30th, Eden’s site leaders and directors in Nepal distributed emergency relief supplies. Nursery workers and other local families in critical need were provided with a relief package containing: one blanket, one mosquito net, two sets of sandals (one women’s pair and one men’s pair), and a 20 kg bag of rice.



Nepal is quickly entering its colder season. Sadly, there are already reports of fatalities due to lack of food, warmth and shelter.

Your donations have helped to provide for 100 families in Nepal: Read Update

While some of Eden’s sites were negatively impacted by the floods, there is good news in the making! Now that the floodwaters have receded, small trees and saplings planted earlier this summer are already reemerging from the mud. We are confident the majority of the seedlings planted between July and August will survive and thrive. Nature is so incredibly resilient!


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