Eden’s Hope for Haiti’s Mangrove Forests

Eden Reforestation Projects is taking steps to starting a new project in Haiti next year.

Eden’s work in Haiti has primarily focused on agroforestry, but now we are branching out to include mangrove planting in Haiti’s coastal regions. Our first project site may in partnership with Haiti’s Amiga Island Ecological Foundation.

Mangroves are a crucial part of coastal ecosystems by stabilizing shorelines, improving water quality, and providing natural habitats for fish and other coastal life.

Below is a picture of remnant mangroves in Haiti:

A loss of mangroves along the shoreline can leave behind devastation to the land and the water. Eden hopes to restore the mangrove forests to look something like the forest below:

A thriving mangrove forest along Haiti’s coast

Look forward to more news about Eden’s progress with the mangrove project in Haiti. To donate towards the future of this project click here.