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Partnership Highlights

  • We’re a nonprofit organization. Our planting is cost-effective.
  • Partners commit to planting a tree (or trees) for each point of sale, service provided, or on any other business model.
  • Eden commits to planting, growing, and guarding the trees to maturity. We do this by empowering villages and villagers.
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Partner Testimonials

  • “We plant a tree for every order [our customers] place.” Bill Hunt, CEO, Champro
  • “Every level of this organization has been stunning.” Geof Barker, Philanthropist
  • “A holistic approach to reforestation.” Derrick Emsley, CEO, Tentree

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens at the different program levels?

    Click to view a PDF with the program level details

  • How much does it cost?

    At Eden we employ villages to plant trees. Our general cost to plant trees in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, and Mozambique is 10 cents per tree. If you prefer to designate your donations to a particular nation the cost varies from 10 to 33 cents per tree.

  • How do I get started?

    Click the “Learn More & Apply” Button on this page to fill out a Partnership Application. Once submitted, an Eden Representative will review the application and be in touch with you by phone or email to discuss the partnership and provide next steps.

  • Do I get listed on the Eden Projects’ website?

    Yes, if you would like to be listed we would like to add your company logo along with a link to your website. Photos and logos will be requested by an Eden Representative during the MOU process and will be added to Eden’s Business Partner Page once the MOU is completed.

  • How often do I donate?

    Monthly is preferable so we can properly plan with our nurseries and village employees. That being said, we can work with other timetables if necessary.

  • Will I be allowed to visit the project site?

    This opportunity begins once a company has reached the Sapling level of giving.

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