Where We Work

Kenya is an incredibly beautiful place from the creativity of the people to its diversity of its landscapes and wildlife. From the highlands to the coast, Kenya has an incredible diversity of forest types that have long-supported communities and wildlife. The cultural and ecological heritage of Kenya’s forests is vibrant and unique, but the management of them in recent decades has been unsustainable.


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Eden started working with the local community to replant and protect Kenya’s forest systems in 2019. Eden is working in 2 distinct regions within Kenya: the Great Rift Valley and the Northern Coast. In partnership with a local organization, Eden is planting Afromontane species within the Kijabe Forest. The reforestation efforts in the Northern Coast focuses on planting mangrove and coastal forest species. Eden is now the largest, most efficient reforestation organization throughout Kenya.

  • The Great Rift Valley

    Kijabe Forest

    • In partnership with Kijabe Forest Trust
    • Afromontane reforestation and restoration projects
    • Provides habitat for wildlife, sustainable economic opportunities for local families, a reliable water supply, and landslide protection
  • Northern Coast

    Lamu County

    • In partnership with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
    • Mangrove and coastal forest habitats
    • Provides employment to those living in extreme poverty, in addition to restoring key habitats that support livelihoods and cultural heritage