Last year Eden Reforestation Projects provided employment to over 9,900 full and partial season tree planters, who added another 66,296,105 desperately needed trees to deforested areas of Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, and Mozambique. Seventy-eight cents of every dollar you donate goes toward the mission and program expenses.

With your support Eden is now being recognized as one of the most prolific forest restoration, tree planting organizations on the planet.  Eden’s forest restoration model is built around the simple concept of providing fair wage employment to impoverished villagers. Their job is to grow, plant and guard native species trees to maturity resulting in the restoration of healthy regional forest. After 15 years of growth and refinement, the “Employ to Plant” model is now proven to be transformational for both land and lives, transferable across cultural lines and remarkably scalable.

Over the years, we’ve also learned that caring for the poor and caring for the planet as a combo turns into a force multiplier by:

-Increasing habitat for endangered species

-Improving the health of the oceans by planting mangrove trees.

-Mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration.

-Equalizing the gender equation by hiring and empowering women as tree planters and managers

-Providing a steady income to loving parents who are now able to afford an education for their children.

-Ensuring food security for local communities by making sure 10% of the trees planted are agroforestry species designed for human use

Thank you to the hundreds of individuals, organizations, and business partner groups who, through their support, fuel the mission of Planting Trees and Saving Lives.

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