Plant Trees While Searching the Web

Ecosia is a search engine with a vision to end deforestation. When you search the web with Ecosia’s free browser extension, the search ads generate income that Ecosia uses to plant trees. Ecosia has helped plant well over 30 million trees with Eden Reforestation Projects. To learn more about Ecosia, please visit


About Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects’ mission and vision are to recreate healthy forest systems, alleviate suffering, empower people, and build local economies in impoverished communities. Eden has become a model for environmental restoration and land management, while at the same time lifting thousands of people out of extreme poverty. Over the past 15 years, Eden has planted over 333 million trees in 8 countries, providing over 3 million workdays to thousands of improvised villagers. To learn more, click here.

  • Madagascar

    Dry Deciduous

    • Ankilahila
    • Antanambao Nord
    • Antanamarina
  • Madagascar


    • Mariarano
  • Madagascar

    Dry Deciduous

    • Eden Forest
    • Papamena