Rampant deforestation from cattle ranching, agriculture, and logging threaten these ecosystems and the people who rely on them. Encompassing the Amazon rainforest, thousands of miles of mangrove coastline, and the Cerrado savanna, Brazil is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. These habitats are home to 15-20% of the world’s diversity including the blond capuchin monkey, the maned three-toed sloth, and the golden parakeet. 

Ana Cardosa Eden Brazil inspecting seeds
Kalunga area
Eden Brazil's first nursery bed being built

Eden began scouting planting locations and recruiting leaders in 2021. Eden is working closely with indigenous groups and local teams to restore forests and create financial opportunities for nearby communities, beginning in the Amazon, Cerrado, and coastal mangrove habitats.

  • Coastal


    • Mangrove reforestation and restoration projects
    • Reduce erosion, stabilize shorelines, and provide habitats for a variety of marine and avian species
  • Amazon


    • Tropical forest restoration projects
    • Protect thousands of endemic plant and animal species
  • Cerrado


    • Reforest land devastated by large agricultural farms and slash and burn practices
    • Prevent desertification since the Cerrado is regarded as Brazil's "water tank" that feeds the Amazon and other large reservoirs
  • James Tiburcio
    National Director for Brazil