Production Has Ramped Up! 

So far, in 2018, you have helped plant 22 million trees and created over 2 million work days! 

Check out your accomplishments...


Your generosity has resulted in a 20% increase in tree planting production in 2018 over 2017.

Nepal employees are on track to plant over 1 million trees in 2018 thanks to you!

Four new nursery sites are now in production starting this year


Madagascar is on track to plant 42 million trees in 2018, keeping to its status as our largest project nation yet

Access to over 500 hectares (1,236 acres) has been granted to Eden by the Malagasy government for protection and restoration

The container you helped fill with desperately needed supplies has reached Madagascar!

You made it possible to help open a wildlife rehabilation center to save some of the rarest and most threatened species on earth 


Haiti's nursery sites have continued scaling for an increase in production, including one new nursery under construction this summer!

Fruit trees will be distributed this year to help provide food security to hundreds of families 

A new production leader has been hired as the projects in Haiti continue to expand

Newest Projects


You have helped launch five new project sites on Biak and Seram Islands. Indonesia is on track to plant 1,400,000 million trees in the first full year of operations. 

Exploration for new sites continues for 2019.


In 2018 Mozambique is projected to become the newest project nation

Planting project site exploration and leadership training have already begun as Eden prepares to begin hiring and planting later this year. 

Together let's make 2018 the best year yet!