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Mangroves growing in Maputo
Employee collecting propagules in Maputo
An employee planting propagules in Haiti
Seedlings growing in Kenya
Employees removing weeds from seedlings in the nursery
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Inspiring People to Plant, Nurture, and Celebrate Trees

The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. More than 1 million members, supporters, and valued partners have helped the Arbor Day Foundation plant more than 350 million trees in neighborhoods, communities, cities, and forests throughout the world to ensure a greener and healthier future for everyone. To learn more about the Arbor Day Foundation, please visit


About Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects’ mission and vision are to recreate healthy forest systems, alleviate suffering, empower people, and build local economies in impoverished communities. Eden has become a model for environmental restoration and land management, while at the same time lifting thousands of people out of extreme poverty. Over the past 15 years, Eden has planted over 333 million trees in 8 countries, providing over 3 million workdays to thousands of improvised villagers. To learn more, click here.

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