Earth Day 2018

Earth Day In the Works

In 1962, world-renowned naturalist and marine biologist Rachel Carson published the New York Times best seller Silent Spring. Carson’s concerns of the overwhelming new use of synthetic chemical pesticides prompted her to warn the public of the impending long-term effects humanity would face when not properly caring for the natural world. Silent Spring would become somewhat of a launchpad for the modern movement of environmental protection.

Eight years after the publication of Silent Spring and the growing environmental movement, then U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson announced the idea for a “national teach-in on the environment.” Earth Day 1970 became an international sensation with 20 million Americans taking to the streets, public centers, and universities with their ideas of re-creating a healthy, sustainable environment. Concerns about environmental health and protection were brought to attention throughout the country. In 1990, Earth Day made its international debut with nearly 200 million people worldwide participating in 141 countries addressing environmental issues on a massive scale.


Earth Day 2018

Earth Day today is a time to celebrate the accomplishments within the environmental movement as well as continue to address what can still be done throughout each nation. Eden Reforestation Projects also has the opportunity to celebrate the approach of a momentous milestone in our organization’s history this Earth Month as our generous donors and business partners have contributed to the planting of nearly 200 million trees!


Earth Day With Eden

Eden Reforestation Projects continues to promote the importance of caring for our planet and for humankind by employing people of impoverished nations to reforest their homelands. We have seen deserted lands begin to flourish again in Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, and, our first project nation, Ethiopia. We continue to expand in each of our current project nations as well as in other countries such as Indonesia where we have begun new project sites. Through the Employ-to-Plant method parents have been able to provide for their families and send their children to school, which otherwise would never have been an option for a family living in poverty. Discover more about the impact Eden Reforestation Projects has made on the world here. Celebrate this Earth Day with us and donate to planting trees and saving lives.